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Firefighter Interview Coaching

Firefighting interviews can be nerve racking, we understand that. We know the interview can make or break your chances of moving to the next step in the process or getting a job offer.  Are you ready for your next interview?

Interviewing is a skill and requires practice to do it well. It’s also about communication, understanding the job competencies and making a connection with the interview panel. Coaching from a professional helps too.

With 20 plus years in this business, you will immediately feel our professionalism, expertise and knowledge of fire service interviews and interviewing techniques. Our sessions are completely confidential so you can feel relaxed, be yourself and get down to the business of having a great interview.

A session or two with Karen Smith-Hanney will be the difference in you showing up with a confident and winning attitude and, ready to face your interview panel. Isn’t that what you want for yourself?

The coaching sessions are tailored individually based on a few factors: the time before your interview, your interview experience, your personal interview challenges and who you are interviewing with. You will be given information on what you need to know to have your very best interview.

You will gain a clear understanding of behavioural interviews, the S.T.A.R. format, and how to structure your answers for the best response as well as techniques to answer those tough questions. We help you, get to know you, in a way that is authentic and compelling. No cookie cutter answers here!  This is a combination of practice, feedback and coaching.

Wanting only a Mock Interview? We do that too!  The valuable feedback you receive, can elevate your interview score so you leave the interview feeling confident that you gave the panel an opportunity to get to know you.

Karen Smith-Hanney has successfully coached 100’s of clients to their dream careers. Her results are well known in the Fire Service. Some of her first clients are now Fire Officers, Assistant Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Captains and more. She was the first Adjunct Instructor with the Justice Institute of BC’s original Career Firefighting pre-employment program delivering a full workshop on resume writing and interviews to over 50 recruit classes.

She continues to work with several Work Experience Programs coaching WEP firefighters along SMART Fire (now Training Division) and FireMedix.

If you want the best coaching from the best, call Karen at Destiny Career Planners.

Our sessions are 65 minutes long over Zoom. We have flexible hours to meet your schedule. The cost is $265 first session, with follow ups $250.

Police Candidate Interview Coaching

When you’re preparing for that important police intake interview or the second step HR interview, there is no substitute for our expert feedback.

Competition for policing jobs is high, and a first impression of professionalism and confidence is essential. Showing you are the best-prepared, battle-tested, interview-ready candidate means a lot and can be the difference between moving to the next step or not. Are you able to translate your experience into compelling examples that meet the competencies?

Our targeted one on one coaching for a municipal police or RCMP ‘Right Fit Interview’ is what we know. After one or more sessions, you will know the key competencies and values of the department you are interviewing with, understand behavioural interviews, the S.T.A.R. format and feel confident talking about why you are the best candidate for the job.

Looking for a Mock Interview Practise Session with feedback? We can do that too over a one hour Zoom session.

Interview Coaching is the single most effective way to make a great impression at your interview and maximize your chances of a job offer. Karen’s proven approach is based on her unique combination of experience as a professional coach, a human resources executive, and her past police experience.

Each session is 65 minutes over Zoom and we have flexible hours to work with your schedule. Cost $265 for the first session and $250 for follow up sessions.

Management Coaching

Are you moving ahead in your career and it’s been awhile since you interviewed?  Or have you missed out on your next move because you stumbled in your interview?

Maybe a potential promotion is in your future and one of the steps is an interview?  You have come to the right coach!  I understand the fire service and police structures, competency based interviews and how to be your best in a behavioural interview. Let’s work together to achieve that next goal.

Karen’s management clients come from fire services, police services and other municipal roles where structured panel interviews expect the candidate to excel.  She knows and understands competency based interviewing and how to assess your responses so they hit the key points your panel is looking for. Got a specific interview challenge?  We can work on that too.

Call Karen to set up your session over Zoom or to have a brief chat about your particular challenge.

$325 per one hour session. Flexible hours to suit your schedule.