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7 Body Language Tips to Boost Your Confidence

“Self- Confidence is a learnable skill like typing or riding a bike. You develop it with practice.”

Are you projecting a positive, poised persona? Or do you look more like a terrified turtle tucked in its shell? You want to get ahead in life, to take the risks that can help you reach your personal and professional goals. Learn how an expert firefighter interview coach can help you build confidence through body language tips.

How do you get there, though? When it comes to sending out that confident vibe, the key is to fake it till you make it or simply believe you can and will do this.  You may not have been born with it, but confidence is something that can be taught, something you CAN learn.

Learn 7 powerful body language tips can boost your confidence

1. Maintain eye contact.

Staring at your shoes during an interview job is sending the wrong message. You need to make eye contact and keep it. Maintaining eye contact 50%-60% of the time will not only show that you are focused and attentive, but also indicates that you are truly listening and engaged in this conversation.

2. Strike a power pose.

Do you stand with your feet close together? You could be sending out a message that you are hesitant and timid. A confident person uses an open stance, angling their feet outward in the direction of the person they are communicating with. If you want to look solid and confident, widen your stance.

3. Stand tall. Don’t slouch!

Standing tall makes you look sure of yourself. Rolling your shoulders back and holding your head high projects an image of authority, poise, and self confidence.

4. Use engaged body language.

If you really want to win friends and influence people (and snag that career you have always wanted), engaged body language is a must. There are a wide variety of rapport building behaviours you can adopt to up your confidence factor, including, smiling, nodding, open gestures, leaning forward during conversations, and mirroring expressions and movements of the other person.

5. Don’t fidget.

No matter how anxious or stressed you might be, get those nervous tics under control. Tapping your foot, biting your nails, and shifting your weight can make you look disconnected from your audience, drawing attention away from your message.

6. Avoid your pockets.

One of the worst things you can do to crush the appearance of confidence is to bury your hands in your pockets. Hiding your hands can make you look uncomfortable, unsure, and uneasy. Keeping your hands visible can go a long way to ensuring you look more confident.Try it with a trusted friend who will be honest with you on what it feels like. Learn about firefigher interview coaching to land your dream jobs and learn more tips for your interview.

7. Give a firm handshake.

Trying to mask a lack of confidence? A weak, limp, sweaty handshake is a dead giveaway. If you want to make a great first impression, a firm handshake will let them know you are a self-confident go getter, radiating coolness and composure. Body language speaks volumes about us and how we communicate.

Knowing how to use non-verbal cues will help you take your confidence and credibility to the next level. Touch base with our expert firefighter interview coach for more feedback on winning your interview. Learn how to improve your interview skills contact Karen at Destiny Career Planners to set up a coaching session.