Career Services

Your career is an important step in your life’s journey so why not be prepared. Let Destiny Career Planners show you how. Emergency services recruitment processes are highly competitive and specialized. Do you have a resume that will get you noticed? Will your interview skills showcase you? Are you prepared for behavorial-based and situational interview questions? Fire Service panel interviews are often the deciding factor for a job offer and preparation is essential. Are you ready for your application interview with the RCMP or  your  intake or panel interview with a Municipal Police Department?  We can guide you every step of the way from application to interview.

Each client is unique and our services are unique to you and your concerns. Our coaching sessions are personal and confidential and help to boost confidence and prepare for the unexpected.

We offer Skype Sessions as well as in-person sessions, depending on availability.

Clients say  sessions with Destiny Career Planners improved their confidence and helped understand how to be their best in behavioural interviews. We specialize in careers for first responders.  Let Destiny Career Planners be the coach you need to play your best game.



Reach Your Emergency Services Career Goals

Get started today. We offer  the following to help you succeed in reaching your career goals:

  1. Behavioural Interview Preparation.
  2. Panel Interview Preparation.
  3. Interview Coaching – in person, by Skype or by phone.
  4. Video Interview Critiques.
  5. Career Planning, Branding and Personal Marketing.
  6. Personality Assessments, career and vocational testing
  7. Professional Resume Writing by CERTIFIED and trained resume writers.
  8. Career Consultations.
  9. Test Preparation  – discounts with our Affiliate – email us for coupon code.

If a career in Emergency Management as a Firefighter, Police Officer, Corrections Officer, Sheriff or Canada Border Services Officer is your goal, then you will know the importance of Career Planning and Coaching to achieve success. Take control of your career by making smart decisions for a successful outcome. Our expertise in these  recruitment processes offer you an insiders look into your application process and how to be successful every step of the way.  We also work with all levels of management for clients who are  preparing for a promotion or new position.

Why Pay for a Professional Resume and Cover Letter?

Your resume and cover Letter are your calling card. You may have invested thousands of dollars and several years of your life to get to the application stage (of your career goal). Don’t miss the opportunity to stand out and make a great impression. A poorly written resume can damage your image and your chance of success.Destiny Career Planners’ resumes are known for their results. Because we specialize in these professions, we know what’s important to the recruiting office and we can show you how to be unique amongst the competition. Contact us today to move ahead of your competition. Resume prices vary depending on the scope of your work experience, education and what you are applying for. Call or email for further details.

You Got the Interview, Now What?

Congratulations! Your winning resume was selected. You are now at the interview. Can you build rapport with the interview panel and demonstrate you are the best candidate? Can you excel under the pressure of behavioral based interviewing? Do you know the qualities the interviewer is looking for and how to stand out from your competition? We do! Destiny Career Planners clients have the best chance of success.

Preparing for Promotion? Retiring from a Your Policing Career or Changing Careers?

If you are already established in one of these careers and trying to advance, retiring or wanting to change careers, Destiny Career Planners can help you get the results you want. Don’t take the chance of being unprepared and without a marketing plan. Contact us to find out how our career coaching can work for you.

Preparing for a non Emergency Services Career?

Although we specialize in emergency services careers, many of our clients come to us with different career needs. Our successful client list outside of the emergency services field ranges from entry level to management and includes marketing executives, pilots, flight attendants, security professionals, information technology specialists, municipal administrators, students, administrative assistants etc. Our approach is the same, to help you reach your career goals!