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Our clients continue to score at the top of the interview ratings. Hundreds of career firefighters will tell you how using our resume service and personal interview coaching  made the difference in getting hired!  Whether using Skype or having your session in person, our clients are telling us the interview coaching made a difference in getting a job offer ! Find out how you can make your best impression at any stage of the process!
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Feb 2018.  Hi Karen, Just wanted to let you know that I got hired by Surrey Fire Rescue for the class starting May 7, 2018! I  wanted to thank you for all your help with the interview prep over the years – it really made a difference.  Thanks a lot!
Good Morning Karen, Hope everything is going great. Just wanted to let you know I received a job offer as a Vancouver Firefighter, with the City of Vancouver! Thank you so much for helping me with the interview I wouldn’t have got here without you. Dream come true!  Have a great week.  Jan 2018

Hi Karen, I was sent an email invitation to attend medicals for Vancouver Fire Rescue less than an hour ago, and just got off the phone with the hiring Captain of Vancouver. She offered me a job to start March 5th,2018  granted I pass the medicals next week. So feeling pretty excited about all that.Thanks for all the help. Really appreciate everything, you’ve been a huge help. Just have to pass the medicals now.

28.02.13 – Destiny Career Planners – Good day Karen, I could not thank you enough for your professional assistance. Your experience and patience has assisted me in many ways regarding being hired onto a Career Fire Department and improving my own self development. With your help, I can speak with confidence, competence, and compassion in any conversation with no hesitation of feeling nervous. This is a life-long learning experience, but your services have given me a baseline and foundation to carry myself throughout my career. I would like to thank you. My recruit class begins in October 2017 with the City of Toronto for which I am grateful of. Your help has given that to me. Always will have you in my mind!

Hi Karen,  Just wanted to thank you again for all your help with my interview preparation. It paid off and I was offered a nod with Surrey Fire Department and will be starting in May. Thanks again.  March 2018

Dec 2017 – Hi Karen, I wanted to let you know that I was successful with Vancouver Fire Rescue and I start in the first recruit class in January 2018. Thanks again for all the help with my resume and interview coaching. I will definitely continue to put your name out there!!   Vancouver Probationary Firefighter

Burnaby Hire – 2017!  Hi Karen, I got the position with Burnaby! I started in January and am about 10 weeks in to my probationary year. Thank you for all of your help throughout the past year – I will definitely send others your way in the future. Hope you are doing well.

July 2015 – Burnaby Hi Karen, Thank you so very much for your help with the interview process with Burnaby Fire Department. I practiced and kept a binder and had multiple answers for each question and situation. I studied information on the department as well as practise interview questions. It all paid off and today I received a call back to the next step in the process. I thank you so much for your help and really appreciate it.

July 2015
Hey Karen! I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did with me first to become a career firefighter and then to become a captain! Your career coaching definitely gave me the confidence I needed through the process. The best part of it all was the fact that we could do our meetings over Skype and FaceTime!! . This made it so much more convenient with my busy schedule and living out of town! Thanks so much!

Dec 2014 -VFRS successful fire intake
I wanted to write you a quick note detailing the successful fire intake I have been through. I had been invited to several fire interviews in the past but had never been asked to the next stage. After having been referred to you by another successful candidate, I decided to use your services as well. My Skype session helped me prepare immensely for my panel interview. Helping me with proper answer format, answer style and substance. I am positive that without your help and direction I wouldn’t have been able to get hired on for my dream job at my dream department. I now tell other candidates that they would be foolish to go without coaching. Thanks again

March 2014
I can’t thank you enough for helping me. Without it I don’t believe I would have ever got passed the resume stage with Surrey. Referring to the notes from our JIBC class session and practice scenarios helped me focus what I needed to work on for my interview. I’ve spoken to many prospective firefighters that have just got out of training (mostly from Training Division in Texas) and I insist they contact you for advisement. Hopefully they heed the word.

December 2013
Hey Ruby. I wanted to let you know that I landed a job with Richmond
Fire Rescue.
Thank you so much for all of your help during our SKYPE SESSIONS. I really appreciated it. I am so excited and I wanted to make sure to thank you, you were a big help.

I wanted to let you both know that I was successful in my interview for CFB Esquimalt Fire Department. I greatly appreciate the time and effort Ruby put in to helping me through my two mock interviews and it made all the difference on the day. There is no hire date set yet as it’s a federal position and there is a hiring freeze, but making the list is a great foot in the door to a great department. Thank you again for the great service you provide and will definitely recommend you both to anyone in the future who is seeking career help.

August 2013 – Vancouver Fire Rescue –
Hello Karen,
I was successful in my VFRS interview, made it through the next steps, and was offered employment last week for the September 9th recruit class! I just wanted to say thanks for your help and input, it definitely helped me throughout the entire process and better equipped me for the interviews.

August 2013
Dear Karen; I was selected as the top candidate in this years Kamloops recruitment and feel that if it wasn’t for your help I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. The resume and cover letter service allowed me to stand out from the other applicants and the hours we spent preparing for the interview gave me the confidence I needed to convince the department that I was the person for the job.
I have been given a start date of August 24 and look forward to fulfilling my dream of being a firefighter.
I truly feel that I couldn’t have done this without you and will be forever grateful for the service you provide. Thank you so much!

Subject: VFRS – August 2013
Hi Karen.
I was excepted into the VFRS September class pending the medical exam. Thank you so much……….
I know I couldn’t of done it without you perfecting my resume and prepping me for how to speak in the interview. Thank you,thank you,thank you.
I have posted your contact info on my fire training alumni page for the others if they need help. And have hyped you up enough to the point where one of them thought I was getting paid for it…
Can’t thank you enough.

May 2013 – RMSI Interview RCMP
I just wanted to thank you for all your encouragement and help in prepping me for the RMSI interview. Of course they don’t give you your score but he said I was satisfactory on three answers and exceeded expectations on the rest of the questions. I felt far better with the behavioural questions.
Hope all is well with you. Again thank you for giving me confidence and the ability to talk about myself and achievements. RCMP Member

April 2013
Hi Karen: Just wanted to let you know I signed papers with Vancouver Fire Rescue last Wednesday! I want to thank you for your help with prepping for my interview. I was fully prepared and they told me as soon as it was done that it was a good interview and I could expect to hear from them. There will be 14 of us on the 06 May to 07 Jun recruit training. Thanks again!

August 2012
Dear Karen,
I want to start out by thanking you for all of the help you have provided me, to help me get my dream job of becoming a Vancouver Firefighter. I greatly appreciate all of the time you spent helping me with my resume, improving my interview skills, giving me confidence and all of the insight you have given me through the whole process. I really could not have accomplished this without you and your support. Thank you!

Hi Karen,
After being short listed with Port Alberni after my interview last May, I was re-interviewed last Monday for another position that became available. Wednesday I received a call from the Chief with a starting date in March. I just wanted to thank you again for helping me prepare for the interview process. The guidance and organizational skills you provided me definitely led to a successful interview.

I was extremely fortunate to come across Destiny Career Planners. Thanks to your help Karen, I have a resume that has proven successful in various recruitments. This new resume makes a very strong first impression and as a result, I enter each recruitment with greater confidence. The resume and cover letter have never been overlooked and allow me to easily proceed through the application stage. You offer a valuable service that I will continue to recommend to other recruits like myself. Thanks again. 2011

March 2011 – Karen, I just found out Friday that the interview went well and I was selected to Victoria’s Eligibility List!  I was very excited to get this news.  The SKYPE session definitely helped me prepare for the interview. I want to thank you for helping me prepare and reaching the next step in the process of earning my badge.

March 2011 –  Hey Karen,
I just wanted to send you an email to let you know I got hired with Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service! I know that my sessions with you were so valuable and made a huge difference with my confidence level going into the interview. Thanks again, VFRS, Probationary Firefighter

Feb 2011
Hey Ruby, I had a Skype session with you right before my interview with Surrey Fire Service a few weeks ago and you asked if I could let you know how it turned out. I got the job! Thanks so much for your help in preparing for the interview! Hope all is well with you, Thanks again!

Feb 2011 –  Hello Karen, I just needed to let you know that I did pass my interview!   Thank-you for all of your help.  I will recommend you to anyone that needs interview help.  You were fantastic!  I am now on the “ready to hire” list for BC Ambulance.  I am very happy and very excited.  I should find out within the month of which station I will be at. Thank you so much! … J – newly hired PCP BCAS

December 2010 – Karen, I just want to write and thank you again for the resume and cover letter. I recently had a meeting with the T.O.  and took my resume and cover letter along. He looked at it and said “this is the most impressive resume Ive seen in a  while”.  So with that said,  I would  say you did a great job! Thanks again.

February 2010 – Hi Karen, as you know I just recently got hired with my dream fire department.  From the interview coaching that I received from you, I learned how to correctly answer some  very difficult questions.  Without your help I am sure I would have been unsuccessful in my two interviews.  I thought your services were excellent and I will recommend you to anyone trying to get hired as a fire fighter.  Thank you, Newly Hired Metro Vancouver Firefighter

Destiny Career Planners - Vancouver Policing Carer Service

February 2010.  Hi Karen, the dream has come true.  Just wanted to let you know I got hired, I am going to Alberta, to my dream job as a Career Firefighter.  Thanks for all your help, you were a major part of my success.  Probationary Firefighter, F.O.

December 2009 – Hi Karen, I just wanted to say thanks for all your help with my interview preparation.  By the end of the Tri-Municipal Hiring process,  I had two job offers.  One with the District of North Vancouver and the other with the District of West Vancouver.  I am happy to say I chose West Vancouver.  Thanks Again!! Newly hired West Vancouver F. F.

Hi Karen, My sessions with you over the phone gave me key points to prepare for the questions. The personal questions were such a breeze because I had prepared answers for every one. And also the star format questions which were all in the categories you gave me to prepare definitely was key to my success. Having had Fire interviews in the past , your help on this one was perfect. Taking your guidance and knowledge on all the questions with many hours of preparation and practice gave me a lot of confidence which I never had before. I have finished all of the steps in the process and am just waiting for the conditional job offer. If I move forward I will be starting in May sometime. Thanks again for all your help.
Recently hired Calgary F.F.

Hey Karen, Just wanted to write you and say that I’ve been offered a job with the my dream fire department and accepted. This competition was my first set of interviews and I felt confident that I could sell myself well thanks to all your help. I would be very surprised if I made it past the interviews if I didn’t have your help. I have been raving about you and the service you provide since I visited you in the fall of 08 and I know that alot of the guys I’ve talked to will be using your service. Thanks again Karen. Keep up the great work.
Newly hired lower mainland fire fighter (May 2009)

Dear Karen, I just wanted to say thanks for all your great advice in preparing for my interview. Your knowledge of the interview process definitely gave me an edge over my competition, which was recognized and acknowledged by the panel during my interview. The skills I acquired from your services were definitely a big part in my success of landing a job as a professional firefighter. I have recommended your services to four of my friends, three of which are now Career Firefighters and one RCMP Officer. Preparing for your interview is one of the most important steps in the recruitment process. I highly recommend seeing you to anyone wishing to pursue a career in Emergency Services.
Yours truly,  B. Nanaimo

Destiny Career Planners - Vancouver Policing Carer Service

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for your resume preparation and interview coaching help. I got my phone call from Human Resources today and was happy to learn that I got the job as Assistant Fire Chief! Your interview prep was almost right on – very close to how the actual interview went. Your service was very useful in developing my focus prior to the interview. I won’t hesitate to recommend your services – as a matter of fact, I already have.”…….  New A/Chief

Hi Karen,   I wanted to follow up with you that I did get the job. I will be starting my new position on Monday. It was a long drawn out process but it worked out well in the end. Thank you for your help and support.  Newly appointed A/Chief

Thank you, Karen for All your HELP with my interview skills. It allowed me to get hired as a Surrey Career Firefighter. Without your interview skills and tips, I would have never done as well as I did. Again, Thank you, you are a GREAT interview Coach. Take care & thank you.
Newly Hired Surrey Fire Fighter, September 2007

Hi Karen, I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and I know that I couldnt have done well in the interview without you. Thanks to you, I am happy to say that I am the newest member of the Richmond Fire Dept.and start in August. All our review was relevant to the interview. Thanks to you I can start my dream career sooner than I could ever have imagined.
Lower Mainland Fire Fighter, August 2007

I am now one of Surrey’s newest Career Fire Fighters. I start on July 16/07. Thank you for all of your coaching and experience, I know that it really helped me nail the interview…

Thank you Karen for all your help throughout the past year. Your help with interview skills helped me get my dream job at Delta fire, thanks again! May 2007

Karen, the interview went well. I was clear and hit 90% of the points we discussed.  Thank you so much, with out the knowledge you gave me I would have been lost in there. Burnaby F.D. Interviewee (2007)

“Karen, I wanted to inform you that I was recently hired by Vancouver Fire and Rescue! Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. I can tell by reading your website testimonials, you do wonders in preparing applicants for interviews. I was no exception. I believe in my case though, your resume writing skills were the biggest aide. Until you prepared my resume, my application was overlooked by every department. Afterwards I was in every process to which I applied. Your assistance in both areas unequivocally played a large part in my success! Thank you again”

“Karen from Destiny Career Planners came highly recommended when I was ready for my interview and the fire department I was applying for. She was so helpful in giving me pointers that I never would of thought of using for my interview. I truly believe that Karen was an intricate part of me passing my interview and getting one step closer to my dream job as a firefighter.” A. Calgary

“Karen, It is with great gratitude that I tell you that on Friday evening I received word that I had been awarded the position of Full-time Fire Fighter in Maple Ridge. Thank you so much for all your help with this stage of the process, and I will be letting other individuals know of your expertise for the future. I followed up on all your advise. The H.R. person was very impressed with the portfolio I had completed.”

“Hello again Karen. I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to pass along another success story for you. After one long year of waiting on the eligibility list Surrey Fire Services offered me a position just this week! I start Monday! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You must be proud of the service you provide. Your successful client list just keeps growing! All the best to you and thanks again. ” Surrey Career Fire Fighter

“ Hi Karen I thought I would let you know that my interview went very well. I put together a portfolio like you suggested and really put a lot of thought and practice into the four main interview questions we went over. I practiced these questions over and over again, I think I was repeating them in my sleep. All this practice and preparing paid off, I received the phone call that everyone is waiting for and was hired. Thank you, ” D. Chilliwack, BC

“ Dear Karen, I wanted to thank you again for your interview coaching. The interview stage is one of the most difficult and stressful parts of the hiring process, and interview skills were definitely the weak link in my chain. You helped me to discover my strengths and confidently relay them to others. I believe that your course was a vital element in my hiring by a local Fire Department. I will continue to recommend DCP to anyone serious about their career.  RM

“ Karen, Thank you very much for your time and helping me with my interview preparation. As nervous as I was, my interview went well. Yet, at the time I was worried because I new there were 50 more candidates to be interviewed. Anyway, good news came earlier than expected. They hired four candidates to start right away and I was on of them. I believe my interview was a success because of your assistance. Thank you once again, and have a great summer. ” J. Victoria Fire Fighter

“ Hi Karen, I was one of your clients in Jan or Feb of 2006 before my Vancouver interview. Just thought I would tell you I was recently hired with a lower mainland fire department last September. I feel review of my notes and the meeting we had really helped me in my interview. Thank you very much! ” J

“Hello Karen, I apologize for taking so long in getting back to you. I did get hired in the summer but only last week received my start date of January 31st, I am a little bit superstitious and did not want to jinx myself. Thank you for your help, I am certain that my interview would not have gone as well as it did if I had not met with you. I have referred you to as many people as I can and with another hiring starting in the New Year I am sure a couple of them will be calling. Thank you again. ” M. Vancouver Fire Fighter

“Karen, Thank you very much for your time and helping me with my interview preparation. As nervous as I was, my interview went well. Yet, at the time I was worried because I new there were 50 and more candidates to be interviewed. Anyway, good news came earlier than expected. Victoria Fire Department hired four candidates to start right away and I was one of them. I believe my interview was a success because of your assistance.” JL

“ Hi Karen, My interview yesterday went awesome! They had very few redirect-type questions that they asked me, as opposed to some other candidates I spoke to, so I feel my answers were just the right amount of detail. Then after a very restless sleep last night, I rushed home for an early lunch today to check my messages, and I had a message to phone H.R. So I phoned them up and. I GOT THE JOB!!! I just wanted to thank you for all your help. As in most cases, it all comes down to the interview and thanks to being properly prepared I know that I had one of the best interviews. Thank you again.” Central Okanagan Fire Fighter

“Karen, Just wanted to drop a note to inform you I have been accepted for the Vancouver Fire Department. I would like to thank you for all your help and knowledge. I went into my interview with confidence in my own abilities and knowing you had helped me with the questions was a great weight off my shoulders. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks for help with ANY interviews” M. Vancouver Fire Fighter

“Hi Karen, My interview went really well. I was hired and start in a few months. I am really excited and I want to thank you very much for everything. The session was a big help. I nailed the important questions and felt really confident. Thank you again!” Vancouver Island Fire Fighter

“Dear Karen, I wanted to thank you again for your interview coaching. The interview stage is one of the most difficult and stressful parts of the hiring process, and interview skills were definitely the weak link in my chain. You helped me to discover my strengths and confidently relay them to others. I believe that your course was a vital element in my hiring by a local Fire Department. I will continue to recommend DCP to anyone serious about their career.” R., Lower Mainland, Vancouver F.F.

“Dear Karen, When I first started interviewing I thought, How hard can it be? I had been through interviews before and I had an idea of what kinds of questions they were going to ask. I figured that the interviewers would see that I was a good guy and hire me. I could not have been more wrong. You taught me how to prepare, taught me how to practice, and taught me the things I needed to know to be able separate myself from the fierce competition I was up against. I know that without your help I would still be interviewing and wondering why someone else was getting the job instead of me. I can’t thank you enough.”
J.R., Calgary Fire Fighter

“Karen’s service is an important resource in making sure you perform your very best in the interview stage. It really helped me improve my skills to the level they needed to be. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is serious about landing a job in the Fire Service. There is a lot of strong competition out there so you need to make sure you are one step ahead.” I.B., Lower Mainland Fire Fighter

“Karen, I was just offered a full time position with West Vancouver Fire and Rescue. It was much unexpected. Thanks for all your help, it sure came in handy. I won’t be needing the 2nd session now though.”

“Karen,  Just a quick note to say thank you for your time and very helpful items to work on. I appreciated all the advice and help you gave me. I now feel more confident that I have the tools to get me started on a proper preparation for my interview for the Fire Service.” P.F., Coquitlam, BC

“Karen, I received some good news from Victoria this morning. I made the team! Well, I made the eligibility pool so when people retire they will pick the new guys from that. I will not say I made it until I am wearing the uniform officially, you understand. Thanks for your help.” G

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